Beatrix Potter Books

20 May

As with the My Little Golden Books, these books are a throwback to my childhood. The Tale of Tom Kitten was my favourite book when I was too little to read myself (but I insisted it be read to me so often that I ended up learning it word-for-word by heart anyway) and I still have a Peter Rabbit soft toy on my bed. But that has nothing to do with their design.

I’ve included them for the same reasons (again, aside from nostalgia) as I did the My Little Golden Books. They’re all designed according to a very recognisable template: you look at the cover of one, with its quaint little illustration, times new roman-y font and abundance of white background, and you know who it’s by. You know that it’s one of the Beatrix Potter collection. Each book has its own story, but in appearance and design they are all essentially same … and they haven’t even changed much from their first editions, as you can see with The Tale of Mrs Tiggywinkle I’ve included.

One thing I particularly like about the Beatrix Potter books is their endpapers. They reinforce that collection idea by including characters from all of her books (not just the one in your hands), and they’re the same in each book. They’re very pretty and I can remember enjoying pointing out and naming each character when I used to read these books. I’m a big fan of detail and of putting extra space to good use, so I do like to see interesting endpapers.


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