Where Your Left Hand Rests

28 May

This little book is the whole package design-wise, which makes it an absolute pleasure to read and even just to look at. For starters it’s the perfect size for a cute little poetry book: just big enough to snuggle into the palms of your hands. The cover under the dust-jacket is embossed (which I was unable to scan because it wouldn’t show up) with little floral details and is also slightly ‘puffy’ which adds to the soft and gently personality of the book in general.

The handmade, hand-stitched theme of the dust-jacket is one that is carried right through the book, from the dedications page to the chapter openings to the detailed spreads interspersed throughout. This attention to detail and to continuity of design makes this book as much of a desirable object as a desirable read, I believe.

I also think the font chosen is perfect – it’s simple and understated so that you don’t really even notice it’s there. I think the layout of the type is similar – there aren’t any fancy tricks (apart from the detailed lines above each poem’s title), just simple and easy-to-flow-with text.


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