No One Belongs Here More Than You

20 Jun

Visit the No One Belongs Here More Than You website.

I’ve included the cover to this book because it exhibits a number of qualities I’ve already mentioned as being effective when it comes to cover design, namely the use of one bright colour plus black and white and a very simple aesthetic. I think it works! And I love the cover with the alternating colour in the font because I think it links all the different coloured covers together.

I’ve included the white cover with the girl face-down on a bed as a comparison to highlight the effect a cover has on how a book is perceived – whether people like to admit it or not, they totally judge books by their covers. The reaction to the cover with the girl on it is going to be different to the reaction to one of the other covers, and as a result, the kind of readers it might attract will be different (just as I talked about with the different My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead covers).

I’ve also started thinking about the importance of cover design when it comes to purchasing ebooks and pbooks online: the cover is the thumbnail we see on a website, so little details (like review quotes) become redundant and big, clear font and bright colours become really important. I don’t know how this consideration will affect cover design (or if it even will) but I think it’s really interesting to note how the whole ‘needing to catch someone’s eye from afar’ aspect of a cover is just as pronounced on a webpage as it is on a bookshelf. I think a cover like the yellow one here works well on both levels: it’s well designed, so it looks good; but it’s also not overcomplicated, so it’s easy for your eye to snag on. Hmmmm.


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