Don’t forget the spine

22 Jun

See more of Coralie-Bickford Smith’s designs for Penguin on her website.
Read about Michael Gillette’s design of Ian Fleming’s James Bond Series on the Penguin Blog.
See more of Emma J Wallace’s Future Classics designs on the Faceout Books website.

The saying goes that we judge a book by its cover, but it’s fair to say we judge it by its spine before that. The spine is, after all, the first part of a book that we see before taking it off a bookshelf. And, while we may come across books discarded cover-up on a desk or a coffee table, when we’re buying them we’re generally going to be viewing them spine-first.

These are just some of my favourite spines. I love what Coralie Bickford-Smith has done with the clothbound Penguins. They’re all about collection, and looking pretty on the shelf. I like the way pattern is incorporated so that it features more strongly than the text (which, interestingly for a spine, is horizontal).

I like the Bond series because of the little silhouettes at the end of each spine – they’re so Bond and such a great detail!

The New Classics are ones that caught my eye because they’re such a simple design (the brown paper thing is great). Each spine has a ‘personality’ and they also fit really well together.


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