The Moosewood Cookbook

9 Jul

Look inside The Moosewood Cookbook on Amazon.

This is one of the cookbooks that my mum has had and used since I was a little girl, so I’d never really thought about the design of it until I began this scrapbook. It was first published in the seventies and I think you can tell, but I still think it’s interesting to look at.

It’s all set out in this hand-written font, which is presumably taken from the handwriting of the author, Mollie Katzen. Everything, even the imprint page and the page numbers, is ‘hand-written’ which I think is really cute (the only exception is the index, which has only hand-drawn letter separators). It works for a cook book – everyone has those little books full of hand-written recipes at home and I think this reflects that tradition. Like I mentioned in the How to be a Domestic Goddess post, cook books are really made to be used not ‘read’ and I think using this font reflects this purpose of the book: it’s like it’s already been used and loved by someone else.

And, even though the publishers have opted for this hand-written look (emphasised by cute hand-drawn illustrations), the usability of the book hasn’t been compromised: it still follows a logical order, the text is easy to read, and things like the contents page are well set out and logical to use. The other thing I think is quite useful in this book is that there is a second contents for each chapter, making it easy to navigate through the chapter.


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