Jon Gray (a.k.a gray318) Covers

10 Jul
See more gray318 covers on The Book Cover Archive.

I’ve already talked a lot about covers in this scrapbook, I know, but I just have to include the covers from designer gray318. I love all of them! Especially the ones done for the Jonathan Safran Foer books.

As I’ve already mentioned in some other posts, I really like covers that play with text so that it becomes an image. And I think there’s a fine balance to doing so: you’ve got to make it look good and ‘speak’ to the person looking at it without sacrificing the legibility of the text. I think the gray318 covers are a great example of doing just that. They look great, they’d stand out on a book shelf. They’ve also become incredibly recognisable: you see one of these covers, and you know it’s one of Safran Foer’s books.

The other thing I think the gray318 covers in general are a good example of is colour use – generally, they use just one bright colour plus black and white, or two or three colours together. I think getting the colour balance right in cover design is really important, and there’s not necessarily a rule to it but the gray318 covers are good examples of what I think works.


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