One Red Paperclip

12 Jul
Look inside One Red Paperclip on Amazon.
Visit the One Red Paperclip blog to learn more about the story.

I’ve already discussed books with no title on the cover in this scrapbook and this is yet another cover that raises all the same questions.

I had no idea what this book was until I had a look inside it and read more about it. But I was attracted by the cover: I wanted to know what on earth a book that just had a red paperclip on its cover could possibly be about it!

However, even though it caught my eye, I’m still not completely convinced that it works. I think it’s a really nice idea (it totally reinforces the story in the book) but I’m not sure that the story is well known enough to get away with no title. I think that even including the title as it is on the half-title page would have contributed enough extra information without taking away the intrigue factor. Isn’t the title ‘One Red Paperclip’ still ambiguous enough to pique someone’s curiosity?

That said, I think this is a really nice example of design taking a risk: it’s left out all the ‘necessaries’ of a normal cover and is certainly conversation-worthy.


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