The Bond Books

13 Jul
Read about the redesign of Ian Fleming’s Bond series on The Penguin Blog.
Read about Michael Gillette’s design of Ian Fleming’s James Bond Series on the Penguin Blog. Visit Michael Gillette’s blog, Pencil Squeezing, to see more of his designs and artwork.

I’ve already talked about creating a ‘collection’ through design and how I think this is a really effective tactic: it makes people want to own multiple books, rather than just one. This re-design of Ian Fleming’s James Bond series is a great example of repackaging an existing book and making it new or giving it a new appeal.

The cover illustrations are great, and I’ve already talked about how I like the Bond Girl silhouettes on the spines (so cool), and I really think including the Penguin logo in the 007 on each cover is super cute. The books have a definite retro Bond feel that I think people are really into now and the covers aren’t simply good design, they’re actually cover ‘art’. I can totally imagine buying one and then all of these books, just for their design.


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