The Sherlock Holmes Books

14 Jul

See the whole series on Coralie Bickford-Smith’s website.

Yes, another Penguin collection. I just love them all. I’m not going to bother espousing the virtues of making books collector’s items again (I think we’ve heard enough of that from me for now) but I am going to use these books as an example of returning to the retro in book design. There’s a real trend to bring back retro or old-fashioned covers and I think that this is, in a way, a response to the increasing presence of ebooks on the book market: the one thing that paper books have over ebooks is the nostalgia aspect (‘Oh but a screen will never look, smell, feel like a real book!’), so designing books to elicit all those nostalgic sentiments is a great way of emphasising their point of difference from their more techy counterparts. It focuses on the perceived advantages of pbooks over ebooks!

Plus I’m a total sucker for these covers. They’ve got all that creepy, tacky feel of old-fashioned horror. And, they use the whole bright colour plus black and white principle I’ve been harping on about. So they tick all my boxes: collection, cover, retro. Yes!


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