Popular Penguins

15 Jul

See more Popular Penguins on the Penguin Group (NZ) website.

There’s actually not a lot for me to say here that I haven’t already said (collections, retro revival, etc). And that which I haven’t already said is all fairly obvious with the Popular Penguins, but I’ll say it anyway.

This is such a simple design and it’s stock-standard, which is the genius of it. No having to worry about coming up with a new design for each book, you can just cover it with the good old orange and cream template. Easy peasy (and cheap-o).

And, even though the design of these books seems not to be focused upon the object of the book so much as the text it contains, I’d argue otherwise. It might seem that giving every book the same cover privileges the story inside, but I actually think it makes these books commodities in the sense of being ‘those trendy Penguin editions that trendy people have sticking out of their back pocket at bus stops or smoky cafes’. They’re all about what they are, who they’re written by, and who the publisher is. All thanks to the simple but highly recognisable design of orange and cream stripes.


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