15 Jul

Hamish Thompson brought this book in to show us when he spoke to our class about book design. It was one of those books that, like Where Your Left Hand Rests, feels totally comfortable sitting in your hands and is a total joy just to flick through.

The cover is clothbound and embossed all the way around with the word ‘stopover’, the o’s of which are highlighted or coloured in in silver. It’s really hard to discern this from the photo, but it’s really gorgeous in real life.

The high quality of the paper and the colour of the images inside the book reinforce the feeling of it as a special object.

The thing that I thought was cutest about this book was the fact that the blurb and the barcode – which would have been totally out of keeping with such a beautiful cover but are also absolutely necessary – were printed onto a circular sticker which was stuck on the back of the book. You could then remove this, fold it in half and use it as a bookmark. I thought this was a really nifty solution to what was a bit of a design conundrum: as I’ve already mentioned, with covers as well as throughout the inside of books, it always seems to be a balancing act between sleek and lovely design and including the information that is necessary in a way that it can be understood and used.


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