Collect Raindrops

23 Jul

Visit Nikki McClure’s website for more information about her art and projects.
Read an interview with Nikki McClure on Fecal Face Dot Com.

This is a beautiful book. It’s very simply designed and, like Contemporary New Zealand Photographers, makes fantastic use of the white space on each page to make each of the elements stand out.

It’s basically a collection of images cut from one piece of paper with a craft knife, and all the images express themes of sustainabilty, community and the environment. Colour is used sparingly with each image so that the black is really distinctive. Words are used sparingly as complements to the images and they’re set in a font that reflects the paper-cut nature of the images. So, like the kids’ picture books I’ve looked at, this book is really about achieving harmony between image and text and I think it’s done this well.

In terms of format, this is quite a large book, hardcover and not very thick. I think the large format works really well because it is after all an ‘art’ book: you need to have enough page space to show the images well. Plus, it’s the kind of book you’d want to have lying around to look at when and as you felt like it, rather than reading it so having it big works.

One touch I really like about this book is that the spine is clothbound, but not the rest of the cover.


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