Contemporary New Zealand Photographers

23 Jul

This is one of the books Neil Pardington brought in to show us as an example of his book design when he spoke to our class. It’s a great example of his style: very clean and clear and uncluttered. It also incorporates some of the aspects of book design that some of the other designers spoke about.

For example, the dust-jacket is a perfect example of what Hamish Thompson said about covers needing attention from all sides and the fold-outs of dust jackets being an ideal place to put text that you don’t want cluttering up a cover. The front cover of Contemporary New Zealand Photographers is simply an image from inside the book with the title along the top and the back cover is another image. So, whichever way you happened to put this book down, it would look good. All the information (blurb, etc) is then included on the inside flaps. I think this is just perfect for a coffee table book like this because it is after all the images that are the most important thing.

In terms of internal layout, the same clean and classic feel is apparent. The outside margin is smaller than the inside margin, which kind of goes against classic design but everything’s so well and carefully set out that it works. I think what is really nice about the layout of this book is that it gives each item room to breathe – there’s enough space around every page element that you can notice and appreciate everything in its own right.


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