Penguin Great Ideas

25 Jul

Read an interview with the editor about Series One of Penguin Great Ideas on the Penguin (UK) website.

This is the last collection from Penguin that I’ll include, I promise. These books are just such good examples of using design to create a collection and to emphasise the object status of a book that I can’t not include them.

There are twenty books in each series and each series is colour coded (I’ve included the red series here). They’re not big books and each one boasts a cover that’s worthy of appreciation all on its lonesome. But the fact that there’s a whole set of beautiful books creates this impulse to want to have the complete collection (as they’re designed to all stand together).

So, as with the other collections I’ve talked about, design here is the focus: so much attention is paid to making the books pretty or desirable, that their look becomes just as important as their contents.


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