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24 Jul

This is another cover example using a bright colour plus black and white. It’s also an example of a cover that plays with type. In this case the type is reinforcing the meaning of what it is saying, doing a kind of freefall into (or out of?) the surrounding buildings. It’s also accentuating the movement of the image around it. It’s also playing with the typical conventions of a cover: the type runs vertically rather than horizontally, and downwards rather than upwards, and the picture itself is upside down.

There’s not really anything else to add here that is new but I thought this was a good example of a lot of the aspects of cover design working really well together.


Jon Gray (a.k.a gray318) Covers

10 Jul
See more gray318 covers on The Book Cover Archive.

I’ve already talked a lot about covers in this scrapbook, I know, but I just have to include the covers from designer gray318. I love all of them! Especially the ones done for the Jonathan Safran Foer books.

As I’ve already mentioned in some other posts, I really like covers that play with text so that it becomes an image. And I think there’s a fine balance to doing so: you’ve got to make it look good and ‘speak’ to the person looking at it without sacrificing the legibility of the text. I think the gray318 covers are a great example of doing just that. They look great, they’d stand out on a book shelf. They’ve also become incredibly recognisable: you see one of these covers, and you know it’s one of Safran Foer’s books.

The other thing I think the gray318 covers in general are a good example of is colour use – generally, they use just one bright colour plus black and white, or two or three colours together. I think getting the colour balance right in cover design is really important, and there’s not necessarily a rule to it but the gray318 covers are good examples of what I think works.